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Zakopane - the winter capital of Poland.
zakopane tours Regarded as the winter capital of Poland, Zakopane is a holiday – destination also as summer season lasts for many holidaymakers. Settled on the Malopolska voivodeship of Poland is close to the border with Slovak Republic. It's not in the big distance from the Krakow region – you can arrive there in two hours.

The winter resort is popular due to just ideal conditions for skiing as well as mounting as it is housed in the valley separating the Tatra Mountains and Gubałówka Hill. The most favourite and most frequently visited skiing destinations are Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałowka Hill and Nosal.

Moreover, the Krupówki Street, which is a popular tradle, supplies many local cafes, token stores and numerous other attractions such like the Witkacy’s theatre in the vicinity. Once you are in Zakopane don’t forget to enjoy famous oscypek – you will love it.

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Tatra Mountains - the attraction of nature
Tatry tourForming the highest mountains inside the Carpathian Mountains area, Tatras are located in the neighborhood the Polish border with Slovak Republic. They offer the highest mountain tops which are 2655 meters high Gerlach in Slovakia and 2499 meters high Polish Rysy. The entire lane's extent covers fifty-three kilometers.

Lovers of winter sports who run to Zakopane seldom forget about Tatras. The splendid scenery, unbroken environment as well as fantastic skiing and hiking setting are what draws them excellent place. What is also possible to do in Tatras is cave's expedition, biking, paragliding as well as plenty of other leisure time activities in the open air.

The beautiful water “Morskie Oko” (‘Sea Eye’) is an area you just have to discover whenever you’re in the neighbourhood. Take advantage also of the Kasprowy Wierch where you can travel inside a cable car and watch marvellous landscape in the meanwhile. Don’t hesitate and visit unusual Tatra Mountains region.

Breathe deeply and come underground in Krakow salt mine.
wieliczka toursThe famous tourist path in Wieliczka Salt Mine is without doubt the fine pathway for tourists who wish to discover the story of Polish excavation industry. In spite of the fact that the lenght of the entire salt mine is around three hundred kilometers, guests are usually guided around 3,5 km of diversified, engrossing chambers and also attractions inside 65-135 meters beneath the ground-surface.

What you will experience is to get through around 3,5 kilometers 65-135 belowground looking at spectacular mining scenery. Also different marks of mining labour expressively show the severeness of their occupation. also, anyone may admire numerous hints of mining labor as well as large salt hand-made items, carvings and many other interesting objects.

In the end of the route you will stay inside the grouped chambers where you may get various memorable tokens. Come and visit the beautiful Mine in Wieliczka specially if you undergo respiratory illnesses or allergic reactions as the air inside has many invaluable properties. Let's come and see this fantastic attraction belowground!

The magnetic locality of Pieskowa Skala Castle.
Ojcow National ParkThis spectacular attraction is situated inside a lush plain. It's very close to Krakow – you will make it in half an hour by car. The area's significant heritage is simply fascinating and attract the attention of many to the point.

It used to stand for one of the ‘Eagles Nests’ that was to protect the country. Coming from XIV century the Castle features unique valuable structure.

In the exterior you will watch a luxurious gateway and courtyard. In the interiors you can view an interesting exhibition and art gallery. It features many time periods, from medieval times until Baroque era. It’s worth to visit the Pieskowa Skala Castle and also the neighbouring Ojców National Park.

Auschwitz Birkenau museum registered on World Heritage list.
auschwitz death campToday, Auschwitz museum and memorial is the one and only German death camp entered on the UNESCO. The Polish district Oswięcim in the neighborhood of the Krakow city houses this big museum.

The building complex has two historic concentration camps: KL Auschwitz I and Birkenau II. They both produce the unquestionable testimony of the malice of Nazi politics and also unimaginable distress of not less than one million people. Majority of them were Jewish who were murdered inside the gas chambers.
Others perished because of food deprivation, overwhelming labour or harmful medical experiments they underwent.

Visit this place and get to know the sad story of the poor who passed away in this camp.

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The sacred image of The Black Madonna of Częstochowa on Jasna Gora.
our lady czestochowa The holy icon of the Saint Mary with immature Jesus Christ on her shoulders is the most religious as well as honoured icon by the whole group of the Polish Catholics as well as the members of the Orthodox Church. The picture is also considered as the national emblem of Republic of Poland.

The story of the picture is till now not exactly entangled and apparent but it is argued to have been created by the Saint Luke on the table top which was owned by the Holy Family. It is also commonly believed to have been brought from the Hungary by the group of Pauline monks in 1382.

The holy relic is appreciated due to owning extraordinary supernatural influences. During the historical Deluge in XVII century, The Black Madonna gave the hand to force the Swedish incursion back. As the tales and fables tell the Black Madonna of Czestochowa protected the church from becoming ruined by the large flame. At present The Black Madonna is remarkably known as the Queen and Defender of Poland.

Gorge of Dunajec being the superior attraction in Pieniny National Park.
dunajec raftingCalled as the Pearl of Pieniny Mountains, Dunajec Gorge is the awe-inspiring area you just have to discover while you’re in Poland. It is set in the southern Poland and on the north of Slovakia. Dunajec gorge creates the base for the Dunajec River that you can travel on. Surrounded by 300m high stones the Gorge makes 7 meanders as it runs.

Rafting on the wooden kayaks you can notice the unbroken beauty of the nearest flora and fauna – endemic plants and extraordinary fauna. All these parts may carry you pleasure as well as haunting thoughts. The canoe trip also involves sightseeing some other interesting places like historical castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

Don’t forget to take your camera as you may take numerous pictures of such magnificent scenery. Keep in mind that the the Gorge is on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland so you simply have to come up and encounter it!

Feast your eyes on unique look of Crystal caves reserve in Wieliczka mine!
the wieliczka salt mineThe Crystal Caves Nature Reserve is situated inside the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine which is one of the largest as well as most traditional excavations among Europe. This unique display is located 70-114 meters below the surface. The fabulous collection is especially valuable for the distinguishing pieces of crystals of halite.

Their unusual surface as well as stunning looks would probably attract anyone. Visitors are allowed to besides discover as well as admire different salt crystals which are strictly preserved owing to their great worth as well as originality. Let’s come and experience the pure shine of these crystal pieces after you end your tour inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

If you arranging to visit the mine the handiest method are individually realized Wieliczka Salt Mine tours.

Memorable river experience on Dunajec rafting
dunajec riverDunajec is one of the most magic rivers, settled in the southern Poland. Passing through Pieniny Mountains, it makes up a amazing setting between the village Sromowce Wyżne and Szczawnica town. It also divides Poland from Slovakia. Impressive settings of Pieniny Mountains are not infrequent while rafting on the Dunajec River

Once you experience the Dunajec river rafting water adventure you will never forget the beauty of its unbroken, unspoiled nature.
According to one of the local legends sayings the River estuary was created by the first monarch of Poland, Boleslaw Chrobry. This historic scenery makes this place even more attractive to investigate.

Once you visit Poland don't miss the Dunajec River Rafting! The total rafting route is 23 km long and it takes 2-3 hours to cover the distance.

The Wieliczka being historic symbol of national trade.
wieliczka salt mineIt is a crucial area of inheritance to dozens generations of miners and their households.
It is absorbing, that Wieliczka Salt Mine has a meaningful contribution to the evolution of native economy. It is acknowledged as the oldest make from that part of Europe. Not everybody is familiar with the fact that Wieliczka is a first manufacture that has marked their production with a label. Employees put the label on the whitest, clear as crystal kitchen salt which was used by the kings. The barrels, where the manufacture was kept, were tagged with the symbol of the Royal Eagle. The ancient arms is even now up-to-date what shows long tradition, high standard and reliability of Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a byword of national economy, tradition and national pride. Although many people conjoin that mine with a strictly tourist object, it is important to mention, that Wieliczka is treated even as a patron of art. Wonderful subterranean infrastructure is a host to several cultural events such as shows and recitals. To sum up, Wieliczka is the wonderful instance of a spot representing all the stages of mining progress over thousands of years – from the 13th century up to now.

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